Sunday, March 24, 2013

Which dress should i wear to my choir concert?

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to make a post yet but I have a question for you.

Which dress should I wear to my concert? The dress code is light on top, dark on bottom and no one from my school, except 2 friends, have seen me in the dresses, which is exciting since I've worn the same zebra dress, every concert!

And the shoes I'm going to wear are black suede like shoes, and I don't remember where they are from but the brand is Nine West and they were $28.99(:

So the first dress I showed you a few weeks ago, in a haul, I think. Its a black fitted short skirt with a beige-y colored flowy top type of dress from Wet Seal and it cost about $25, and its on their website if you wanna check it out(:

The second dress, I just showed you last post. Its a lace peplum dress with white on top and black on bottom. I got it from Ross for less than $20, and the original brand is Heart Soul. (:

*Disclaimer: The flash made my shoes look light but they are black-black in real life(:

So which dress do you think I should wear to my choir concert this upcoming thursday? (:

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