Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trip to Seattle Beauty Agenda 3/10

Heeey everyone(: So today I went on a family road trip to seattle, to the key arena, to watch a basketball game. It was stanford vs. Ucla and we were for standford!

Guess who won?

So I didn't take pics of my outfit (sorry) but I wore a peach top from Papaya w/ a cute tie at the side, looks better on me, and black croc jeans, again looks better in real life. (: With my black maccasins (probably spelling that wrong).

Then for makeup I wore my regular foundation, winged eye liner, and my fav revlon gloss(:

Then for hair I got my hair braided and also got beads<3 they are ombre from white to red(:

And I didn't do accessories because a basketball game is pretty casual. (:

And for additionals I wore my paris amour b&bw spray(:

After the game, we went to a Red Robin in Des Moines and I got a chocolate milkshake and the "cluck n fries" which are chicken strips (the BEST ever) <3

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