Friday, April 26, 2013

Simple EOTD

This morning, I was sort of in a rush so I did a really simple eye look. All I did was tightline with my gel liner and then add 2 coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes. (:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Black and White Dot Mani

Hi everyone! Last night I wanted to paint my nails but had no inspiration at all. Eventually I decided to try this dot mani I saw on Beautylish (:

This may be my favorite manicure so far. I've gotten 5 compliments in one day(:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Inspired Nail Art

I discovered one of my current favorite nail blogs from pinterest a few months ago. The blog is The Polished Perfectionist ( )

The look that inspired me was this Dots and Roses Teal Version nail art she did. She also did one in pink, which is what I also did. Mine was more towards hot pinks though(:

I actually tried this look for the first time a few weeks ago but my topcoat smeared the polish :( And also I just got some cute nail decals to substitute where she used stamping since I don't have a Konad, although it is on my list. (:

So I'll include her look, my messed up look, and my good look(:

Friday, April 19, 2013

My favorite hairstyles

This is also lacking hair posts, I know. I'm sorry to all you "hair" post lovers, I'll try to squeeze in some more posts like this. But for now, just enjoy this post showing some of my latest favorite hair looks(:

1.) Sock Bun (I don't even know how to do it, my cousins girlfriend Tanisha did it for me)
2.) Curly down - I just wet my hair and add a little conditioner
3.) Straight - (though, I try not to use heat tools)
4.) Ombre beads (the color of my beads go from red to white)
5.) Side bun - My hair isn't really long enough to make a very big bun but I like the way this looks
6.) And my most current hairstyle, a girly mohawk! I really like my hair this week! It braided up the sides to that the remaining hair is in the middle like a mohawk but its straightened to the right with my bangs out(:

Comment some of your favorite hairstyles(:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Winged Liner

I'm really lacking beauty posts on this blog. I've realized I've done mostly nail related posts so if you followed for makeup, beauty, etc. I'm sorry(:

I'm working on it.

I think the most classic eye look besides the smokey eye, which I have yet to master, is winged liner. A lot of people have trouble with this, including me sometime. But this time I really liked the turnout so I thought i'd give some tips(:

Tip 1: Pinterest! I found lots of helpful tutorials and looks on pinterest to inpsire me!

Tip 2: Practice! I've failed at this look many times and it takes me awhile to get a flick I actually like so just keep trying!

Tip 3: Try different techniques! There are many ways to do winged liner. If starting with the wing doesn't work for you try starting at the center of your eye lid or beginning!

Tip 4: If you want a really sharp edge use tape!

Tip 5: Use a thin eye liner brush or angled eye brush!

Tip 6: Follow the natural shape of your eye! If you want a thin natural looking wing just draw a thin line but extend the line past the end of your eye!

Tip 7: Use liquid eye liner or gel liner! If you want you can try pencil but I prefer either of those too!

Tip 8: Add your own touch! Try tracing the wing with gold eye liner or making a double wing!

Hope these tips helped(:

Monday, April 15, 2013

3 in 1 Nail Art

I saw cutepolish had a new-ish tutorial up on how to do cartoon nails and it reminded me of the design on my to try list so I thought why not(:

I followed her tutorial on youtube so if you'd like to know how I achieved this look, check out her channel. (:

After each step in the process I took a picture and I chose 3 pictures that stood out enough to be there own design.

First, is kind of bordered nails with the top border. I've never seen this, have you?

Next, is basic border nails.

And last, are the cartoon nails themselves. I liked the 2 before designs better than the cartoon nail art because mine didn't really pop and make it look cartoon-y at all(:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cupcake fingers

I've got cupcakes on my fingers, guys! (: No lie

To achieve this adorable nail look I followed cutepolish's tutorial pretty much exactly. But I used glitter for sprinkles (:

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nail Progress

My nails have definetely made progress(:

Disclaimer: I suck at editing(:

Nail Update

I've done some scientifical tests (not really) on my nails and discovered that they grow much faster when overly moisturized so that's my plan. All of my nails have grown a little bit, especially my pinky nail. My goal is to get them all to get them all the same length by September 2013!

I started these Nail Updates in early January and I really want you guys to see my nail growth progress since then so I'm going to create a "timeline" type collage. And since my nails have made great progress I will share my tips for growing out your nails later on(:

But anywho here are my nails, currently(:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beauty Agenda 4/6/13

Hi everyone. I went to my grandma's house yesterday to spend the day with her and I really liked my outfit so I thought i'd do a beauty agenda!

My outfit was pretty simple and casual, I think, since all I did was go to my cousins soccer game and go to a rummage sale. My top is from Rue21 and its a purple shirt w/ sleeves that are just above my elbows, not sure what its called. In the chest area its lace. My jeans are 21 Denim. And my cardi is from Forever21. (:

My makeup was pretty much the same as everyday. Covergirl 3 in 1, Maybelline the Rocket, Loreal Gel Liner, and Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in sun baked. (:

My hair did have beads but later that day I got it done and it looks like the pic below(:

No accessories yesterday(:

For shoes I was wearing my brown boots I got for christmas. Not sure where they are from(:

My nails were bare (:

For perfume I was wearing Prada Candy (:

Oh, and Skylar (my younger cousin)'s team won, for the second time in a row(:

Burnt Newspaper Nails

My new white polish inspired me to do newspaper nails(: Having seen many newspaper nail designs with something additional I wanted to try something new too.

This time I followed a tutorial and my nails turned out way better than before. The print is darker and more "readable". So I'll also include my tips for better newspaper nails!

Tip 1: Don't soak your nail in the alchohol, soak the newspaper square for 20 seconds

Tip 2: Try to cut newspaper into small sections just big enough for the nail

Tip 3: Don't just press the newspaper piece in the center, press onto the sides by rolling your finger along the nail

I created burnt newspaper nails by sponging black polish on the tips of my nails. The accent nail is just white to black gradient with a different method. (:

Hope these tips helped. Here are my regular news paper nails and my burnt newspaper nails(:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Walgreens Haul

Hi guys! (: I just came back from Walgreens and I had some money left over from Seattle yesterday so I decided a shopping trip was needing. Here are the beauty related things I bought:

I really needed an eye liner and I originally was planning on the kinda new Maybelline precise one but I wanted to try something new, besides pencil liner. I saw the Loreal Gel Liner and fell in love w/ the gold, very professional packaging. A review and swatch and picture post will be up tomorrow or the next day(:

Also I bought nail polish. Originally I was going to repurchase the Sally Hansen Growth Miracle treatment but it was way to expensive. I first found it at the dollar tree for ONE DOLLAR and now they are charging almost $10. My nails are growing really well anyway so I passed. Instead I bought 4 new polishes from wet n wild.

1.) French White Creme which is a standard white
2.) Lavender Creme which doesn't at all look lavender to me
3.) Bijou Blue which is a sheer-ish glue with a greenish blue teal undertone
4.) Caribbean Frost which is almost all emerald but has some blue to it

Sorry, I suck at describing colors but the swatches below are pretty true to real life (:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

20 followers in 112 days(:

I've been posting on this blog for 112 days now and just today I hit 20 followers.

I just want to say thank you so much to anyone who's ever clicked on my blog link, took the time to read a post, took the time to comment on a post, followed my blog, or shared my blog.

I appreciate everyone for your support and help. I wish I could do a giveaway but I think I'm going to wait til I hit 50 so I can do a big one and give back to 10 lucky followers so keep your eyes out for that.

I'd also like to mention my goals for this blog. I want to have atleast 3000 total pageviews on this blog by September 1, 2013. Also, I set a goal of 50 followers by September 1, 2013.

Feel free to comment on my posts too, don't be afraid. (: When I get a new comment on my blog it makes my day knowing someone took time out of there day for my blog. I'm always open to advice and requests!

Lastly, I got a Tumblr: so please check that out and if you like my blog you'll love my tumblr. (:

My mom's nails

Hi everyone. I did my moms nails about a week ago and since she's about to get a new fill I thought i'd go ahead and show you before they get ruined. (:

She asked for pink so I painted her nails two coats of Wet N Wild Candylicious and then I added black polka dots and gold cheetah on each other finger(:

My mom has gotten more than 5 compliments from her co-workers and friends at Safeway ! (:

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Glitter Nails(: Matte and Shiny

Hiii everyone. Last night I was so bored I decided to paint my nails again(:

First, I painted my nails black not knowing what design I wanted to do yet. Then, I saw this really pretty purple glitter polish that I rarely use from Love&Beauty and ideally I was going to do glitter tips but it turned out really ugly. Eventually I sponged the glitter all over the nail and matte glitter was born(:

Then I decided to add a diamond topcoat and it became shiny! I really like how my nails sparkle in sunlight so hopefully we'll be getting some sun today(:

And a bonus picture of my Easter dairy queen treat(:

Nail Update (:

Hi guys! I just took off my nail polish so I thought i'd do another nail update! My nails are definetely growing ! Yay(: