Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! Happy Easter! Today is turning out to be really amazing! Hope you all have a great Easter too!

Here are my easter/spring nails(:

All I did is make multi colored dots on my nails, add a topcoat and in black nail polish write L-O-V-E over it. (: I really love spring (and spring was too long) (=

What's on your nails this spring?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Concert Beauty Agenda 3/28/13

Hi guys! I just got back from my choir concert! I just wanted to do a quick beauty agenda before I hit the hay! (:

So for outfit I'm wearing my flowy fitted dress from Wet Seal.

For shoes I'm wearing my standard black wedges I always wear for concerts.

Then I have on no accessories because I was in a rush.

For makeup, I wore foundation, lip gloss, mascara and black winged liner(:

I didn't wear perfume or anything either(:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Edgy-Girly Nail Art(:

I was inspired, but who knows what, to do a nail design that could be girly but also edgy so I thought floral and black!

So I painted my nails black, then added one pink-red rose in the corner of each nail(:

What do you think?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Skincare Routine(:

Hey guys! Today I'm gonna show you my skincare routine, as of now(:

As soon as I wakeup I go to the bathroom and wash my face with just water to remove all the yucky eye crust and dried drool (:

Then, I apply Aveeno Calming Foaming Cleanser all over my face. And I wait about 30 seconds and rinse with water and pat dry my face with a towel.

Next I apply Equate Sunscreen all over my face and give that a minute or two to absorb into my skin.

After waiting a couple minutes I apply Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, and this is a new product in my routine so I just have the travel size but I really love it so I'll be buying the full size soon(:

So that's what I do in the morning as a part of my routine.

But at night I just use Makeup Removing Wipes before bed and wash my face with water after(:

Sometimes, when I have really dry patches, like between my eye brows or on the sides of my nose, I apply a little vaseline.

And that is it! Right now its working out really great for me and my skin is being nice, but it might change. I really don't have much acne so I'm happy with my skin now! (:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Which dress should i wear to my choir concert?

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to make a post yet but I have a question for you.

Which dress should I wear to my concert? The dress code is light on top, dark on bottom and no one from my school, except 2 friends, have seen me in the dresses, which is exciting since I've worn the same zebra dress, every concert!

And the shoes I'm going to wear are black suede like shoes, and I don't remember where they are from but the brand is Nine West and they were $28.99(:

So the first dress I showed you a few weeks ago, in a haul, I think. Its a black fitted short skirt with a beige-y colored flowy top type of dress from Wet Seal and it cost about $25, and its on their website if you wanna check it out(:

The second dress, I just showed you last post. Its a lace peplum dress with white on top and black on bottom. I got it from Ross for less than $20, and the original brand is Heart Soul. (:

*Disclaimer: The flash made my shoes look light but they are black-black in real life(:

So which dress do you think I should wear to my choir concert this upcoming thursday? (:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lashes and Cupcakes !

Hiii guys! Today was an amazing day for some reason. Right now I'm on my way to Ross to pick up a dress for easter, so if I buy one I'll show you guys(: But I just wanted to make a quick post !

Today, in PE I ran 88 laps (my personal best) but after my face was all red. A couple minutes later my cheeks were just pink and I kept getting compliments like " You look so pretty" and things that like which made me happy! I couldn't take a picture unfortunately but I did take a picture of my lashes (got 2 compliments on my lashes).

My left eye has mascara (Maybelline The Rocket) and my right eye has no makeup(: So you can see how amazing "Rocket" is!

Also me and Sabrinna split a dozen cupcakes ! Yum

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3rd Attempt Ombre Nails

Heey guys! Tomorrow Katie told me to wear teal, not sure why but I still have to wear uniform, and I have no teal jewelry so I decided on nails(:

I thought Ombre is perfect since I have no true teal color, just a mint and a true blue! I'm pretty happy w/ it for a 3rd attempt and I think I'm getting a little better.

The accent nail is mint with a teal glitter topcoat(:

Lengthy Lashes

Wow, its been a few days since I last made a post. I'm running out of ideas guys:/

But anyway, the other day I was getting ready for school and I applied only one coat of mascara. I was getting ready to apply another but I didn't because The Rocket made my lashes look extra long with only one coat, which I didn't know before. I loved the look so much ! :D

I REALLY love Rocket (I named it Rocket) and I'll need another tube next month (;

Oh and if you have any post requests or ideas, comment down below(:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Haul

Hey guys! I have a quick haul for you(: I only bought 3 things but I thought i'd show you anyway!

First, I bought a little travel tub of Vaseline(: I've always wanted to try the beauty uses for vaseline but I've never had any so I finally bought some. So far I've put it on my lips, cuticles, eye brows, eye lashes, and elbows(: If I see results I'll blog about it

Next, I bought some makeup remover wipes on sale(: I'm really glad I got them because I'm too lazy to take my makeup off before bed so this really helps to keep them on my vanity/desk (: They work great at removing my makeup (see pic)

Lastly, I bought the Nivea Kiss of Smoothness because I've heard tons of great things about it and I wanted to try it out! The balm definetely feels smooth on my lips, and my lips feel smoother but I wish it'd make them look smoother :/ They are still pretty wrinkly...but they are really super soft(:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nail Update(:

Hey guys! My nails grew, yay! I'm so happy! My pink nail grew, and I can tell! All my nails are making progress, except my nubby thumb :/ but it'll get there(:

Oh and I finally got my brows done again(:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

F21 Mirror Compact Inspired Nails

Hey guys! I was inspired by my new forever21 mirror to do my nails, pink and gold cheetah! I really <3 them

I just painted a base of Wet N Wild Candy-licious (my fav pink) and used Essie Shifting Power as the cheetah accents(:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Forever21 Haul

Today was a half day so me, Sabrinna, and Katie went to the mall! I had 53 dollars to spend and I owed sabrinna $2 and used the rest of my gift card at forever21 so I had $22 left (for walgreens).

So the first thing I bought was a black cardigan, and it was $7.80 and I really love it. I went in specifically looking for one and sabrinna helped me find one, yay! And it has pockets! I have a choir concert on the 28th so I'll wear it over my newest black dress(:

Then I bought these super cute rings. It was a set of four and each one has a letter, well the o is a heart but it spells out love. That one set was the only one left and I HAD to have it but it was size 6 and I'm size 7. :( But it does fit my ring finger so yay!

Next, I got two necklaces. The first is a charm necklace with a little gold leave, a single diamond, and a cute little eiffel tower. The next is another charm necklace with a heart lock, a diamond square lock, and a diamond key. Love them<3

Last, I bought a compact mirror. Its pink with gold cheetah and I think its so cute! My pink diamond one shattered (after 2 years) sadface but now I have a new love, yay!

So yeah that's what I bought(:

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

Just got back from Walgreens! I went specifically for one thing (as you can tell by the title) and I found it! Yay! Not sure if I got the right shade though.

I applied the foundation and took a flash picture (since this foundation has spf which makes people look lighter in pics) and it looked terrible! Way too light.

So I'm considering taking it back and getting one shade darker(:

What do you think? Too light?

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Lip Scrub Recipe

Hey everyone(: A few months ago I posted a lip scrub that I pretty much just made up and now I have a part 2 !

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest<3 and all you need is honey, brown sugar, and olive oil(:

So I mixed my little concoction and took a pic for you guys then tested it out. I think it worked pretty nice(:

In the pic is my lips without flash after using the lip scrub and applying my regular lip treatments (lip care routine coming soon)! (:

Review: Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (Non Waterproof)

Hey everyone! When I first purchased this mascara I promised a review and here it is(: I'm very happy with this mascara so it'll be a very positive review

I just wanna start with saying so far I've gotten two compliments with this mascara and I've only had it less than a month(:

Okay, first I'll talk about the formula and feel of this mascara on my lashes. This mascara is the perfect formula for me! Its similar to Great Lash which I love. Its not too thick, but not too thin and has a sort of creamy consistency but more on the liquidy side, if that makes sence. When I apply one coat of this mascara its like its not even there, its amazingly light. With two coats you know its there but its not like bothering you throughout the day. I normally don't do three coats but for the review, I did, and it felt the same as with two coats(:

Next, is this mascara volumizing, lengthening, and so on? The answer is yes, the rocket does all these things! Some, it does better than others but for me it gets the job done perfectly. The Rocket claimes to give " 8x volume" and I don't know how to really tell if that claim is reasonable but it does give me volume, just not that much. I was actually surprised with how much length it gave me since it didn't really make any length claims. I love the length it gives me but the volume is lacking, considering its claims. (:

Does this mascara clump, flake, etc? Yes, well no. Its kind of hard to explain with The Rocket. When I wore this mascara throughout the day it maybe had 1 or 2 small flakes under my eye but it doesn't bother me when they aren't noticeable. As you can tell in the pictures below, this mascara doesn't clump, unless you deliberately try. So that claim is true. (:

I think the packaging is very cute. Its a little blue tube with pink writing and a "rocket" shape similar to other Maybelline Mascaras. So, no problem with the packaging. (:

What about the application and wand? This mascara is larger than what I'm used to, which I thought was going to be troubling. But, I like this mascara wand. As you can see in the picture below, the wand is like the size of a peanut with short little spikes. Its nice. The application claim is "our fast glide on formula keeps lashes smooth, even", and that is true. This mascara does glide on and I have no issues once so ever with applying it. It sticks to my lashes and dries in seconds. (:

Do I reccomend this mascara? Oui, oui! This mascara is definetely worth trying out even if you don't think you'll like it. I'd usually say who i'd reccomend it to but i'd say everyone! I truly love this mascara and if I find something better I'll be surprised. I will repurchase this mascara. (:

I included a before and after too(:

This is by far my favorite mascara. Post your favorites below(:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trip to Seattle Beauty Agenda 3/10

Heeey everyone(: So today I went on a family road trip to seattle, to the key arena, to watch a basketball game. It was stanford vs. Ucla and we were for standford!

Guess who won?

So I didn't take pics of my outfit (sorry) but I wore a peach top from Papaya w/ a cute tie at the side, looks better on me, and black croc jeans, again looks better in real life. (: With my black maccasins (probably spelling that wrong).

Then for makeup I wore my regular foundation, winged eye liner, and my fav revlon gloss(:

Then for hair I got my hair braided and also got beads<3 they are ombre from white to red(:

And I didn't do accessories because a basketball game is pretty casual. (:

And for additionals I wore my paris amour b&bw spray(:

After the game, we went to a Red Robin in Des Moines and I got a chocolate milkshake and the "cluck n fries" which are chicken strips (the BEST ever) <3