Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Haul

Hey guys! I have a quick haul for you(: I only bought 3 things but I thought i'd show you anyway!

First, I bought a little travel tub of Vaseline(: I've always wanted to try the beauty uses for vaseline but I've never had any so I finally bought some. So far I've put it on my lips, cuticles, eye brows, eye lashes, and elbows(: If I see results I'll blog about it

Next, I bought some makeup remover wipes on sale(: I'm really glad I got them because I'm too lazy to take my makeup off before bed so this really helps to keep them on my vanity/desk (: They work great at removing my makeup (see pic)

Lastly, I bought the Nivea Kiss of Smoothness because I've heard tons of great things about it and I wanted to try it out! The balm definetely feels smooth on my lips, and my lips feel smoother but I wish it'd make them look smoother :/ They are still pretty wrinkly...but they are really super soft(:

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