Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nails and Random Pictures

Hey everyone(: I did my nails at my friends Katie's house and also took some pictures for no reason I guess(:

And then I went to the waterfront and subway w/ my grandma (: and sister

Disclaimer: The Justin Bieber posters in the back are not mine, no offence to Bielebers (or however you spell it). They are Katie's (:


  1. Hi, Payton! You requested a blog button on the Beautylish forum, and I need you to email me a picture to use. Send it to:

    Also, nice nails! I'm awful at nail art :p

    1. Thanks Dani(: but I was just saying how nice of you it is to offer. And thank you, I do my nails like every other day so I get a lot of practice(: Cute blog XOXO