Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (Non Waterproof)

Hey everyone! When I first purchased this mascara I promised a review and here it is(: I'm very happy with this mascara so it'll be a very positive review

I just wanna start with saying so far I've gotten two compliments with this mascara and I've only had it less than a month(:

Okay, first I'll talk about the formula and feel of this mascara on my lashes. This mascara is the perfect formula for me! Its similar to Great Lash which I love. Its not too thick, but not too thin and has a sort of creamy consistency but more on the liquidy side, if that makes sence. When I apply one coat of this mascara its like its not even there, its amazingly light. With two coats you know its there but its not like bothering you throughout the day. I normally don't do three coats but for the review, I did, and it felt the same as with two coats(:

Next, is this mascara volumizing, lengthening, and so on? The answer is yes, the rocket does all these things! Some, it does better than others but for me it gets the job done perfectly. The Rocket claimes to give " 8x volume" and I don't know how to really tell if that claim is reasonable but it does give me volume, just not that much. I was actually surprised with how much length it gave me since it didn't really make any length claims. I love the length it gives me but the volume is lacking, considering its claims. (:

Does this mascara clump, flake, etc? Yes, well no. Its kind of hard to explain with The Rocket. When I wore this mascara throughout the day it maybe had 1 or 2 small flakes under my eye but it doesn't bother me when they aren't noticeable. As you can tell in the pictures below, this mascara doesn't clump, unless you deliberately try. So that claim is true. (:

I think the packaging is very cute. Its a little blue tube with pink writing and a "rocket" shape similar to other Maybelline Mascaras. So, no problem with the packaging. (:

What about the application and wand? This mascara is larger than what I'm used to, which I thought was going to be troubling. But, I like this mascara wand. As you can see in the picture below, the wand is like the size of a peanut with short little spikes. Its nice. The application claim is "our fast glide on formula keeps lashes smooth, even", and that is true. This mascara does glide on and I have no issues once so ever with applying it. It sticks to my lashes and dries in seconds. (:

Do I reccomend this mascara? Oui, oui! This mascara is definetely worth trying out even if you don't think you'll like it. I'd usually say who i'd reccomend it to but i'd say everyone! I truly love this mascara and if I find something better I'll be surprised. I will repurchase this mascara. (:

I included a before and after too(:

This is by far my favorite mascara. Post your favorites below(:

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