Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lashes and Cupcakes !

Hiii guys! Today was an amazing day for some reason. Right now I'm on my way to Ross to pick up a dress for easter, so if I buy one I'll show you guys(: But I just wanted to make a quick post !

Today, in PE I ran 88 laps (my personal best) but after my face was all red. A couple minutes later my cheeks were just pink and I kept getting compliments like " You look so pretty" and things that like which made me happy! I couldn't take a picture unfortunately but I did take a picture of my lashes (got 2 compliments on my lashes).

My left eye has mascara (Maybelline The Rocket) and my right eye has no makeup(: So you can see how amazing "Rocket" is!

Also me and Sabrinna split a dozen cupcakes ! Yum

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