Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Forever21 Haul

Today was a half day so me, Sabrinna, and Katie went to the mall! I had 53 dollars to spend and I owed sabrinna $2 and used the rest of my gift card at forever21 so I had $22 left (for walgreens).

So the first thing I bought was a black cardigan, and it was $7.80 and I really love it. I went in specifically looking for one and sabrinna helped me find one, yay! And it has pockets! I have a choir concert on the 28th so I'll wear it over my newest black dress(:

Then I bought these super cute rings. It was a set of four and each one has a letter, well the o is a heart but it spells out love. That one set was the only one left and I HAD to have it but it was size 6 and I'm size 7. :( But it does fit my ring finger so yay!

Next, I got two necklaces. The first is a charm necklace with a little gold leave, a single diamond, and a cute little eiffel tower. The next is another charm necklace with a heart lock, a diamond square lock, and a diamond key. Love them<3

Last, I bought a compact mirror. Its pink with gold cheetah and I think its so cute! My pink diamond one shattered (after 2 years) sadface but now I have a new love, yay!

So yeah that's what I bought(:

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