Thursday, May 30, 2013

Makeup Transitions

So during the day I had to dress professional and I wore my dress from wet seal and later that night I had my last choir concert and wore the same dress. I just wanted to show you how I changed my eye makeup from day to night(:

So during the day I interviewed 6th and 7th graders for AVID and needed to dress professional. I wanted to keep my makeup simple so I wore light gold eye shadow and black gel liner and mascara.

At night I had my last choir concert which was 80's themed so I did my makeup 80's, or atleast tried. I used this cream eyeshadow type thing which was purple with lots of sparkles as a base. On top, I used a frosty pink all over the lid. Later, I decided to make it more purple to compliment my brown eyes. I lined all the way around my eyes with purple eyeshadow. And then added black gel liner and lots of mascara.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mint and Gold Nail Art

Using striping tape and regular tape is very popular in the nail art world. I've been needing to buy some FOREVER and never got around to it. So I did it the ghetto way. I used paper. -_-

So here's what I came up with. (:

Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Looks

Over the last few days i've been on a roll. Trying new nail and makeup looks(: So here's what i've came up with

So really this post is a series of random pictures. (:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Products I Need To Re-Purchase

Today i realized there are a lot of products that i love so much that they are almost gone and i dont want to throw them away. I just need to let go of the old and welcome the new.

So these are some of the things i know for sure i will buy again! (:

1.) Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in Candy-licious (my favorite pink in the whole wide world)

2.) Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness (my favorite product of 2013)

3.) Maybelline The Rocket (love this mascara, it does wonders for my lashes)

4.) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (this is just a sample, i need a full size bottle)

5.) Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Lotion (i dont think they sell think scent anymore so i'll have to look on amazon or try to find a different brand with a similar scent)

6.) Cutex Nail Polish Remover, the green one (just bought it yesterday, LOVE it. It takes off my nail polish, even glitter, in record time and doesn't leave a nasty film. I know i dont need to repurchase anytime soon but i will definetely in the future.)

Thanks for reading. Dont forget to follow my blog if you'd like and leave any thoughts down below(:

Saying goodbye to my extensions

Last saturday i got my hair done. Instead of the usual wash, straighten, braid i got fake hair. I didnt really have much say in the matter but i LOVE how it turned out.

I have brown extensions in that much my natural hair color and then these blonde "highlights". At school everyone thought it was my real hair and said they loved it. I got atleast 10 compliments that day<3

I'm taking them out sometime soon so i just wanted to post some pics in memory of my first ever fake hair. :'( You will be missed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nail Update

I've already done a Nail Care Routine but i've tried something new in my routine. About a month ago i went to Sally's and bought this Nail Growth polish for about $5. At first, i didnt see any results at all and just when i was about to throw it out, i saw my nails growing longer slowly but surely.

Before, i used Biotin to help my nails grow but i actually prefer this. The polish has garlic in it to strengthen the nails which helped me a ton, since my nails go through a lot. So, if your looking for a special growth product, a base coat, or a strengthener i'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. (:

I included a picture of my nails the last time you saw them too so you can see the improvement. (:

Disclaimer: I also want to add that my pointer finger, ring finger, and middle finger nails broke so that is why they are longer in the before(:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Khroma Ad inspired look

I know, i know. Its late, i have school tomorrow. I should be in bed. But, i have a good excuse! I cant stop thinking about formal! So i decided to look through my notebook of magazine cutouts when i found this cutout of Kim K's eye. It looked really beautiful and although i didnt have the correct tools or shades with me, i tried. (:

Mine, of course, is a lot more glitterier. (;

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beauty Agenda: Happy Mommy Day

Happy Mom Day to all the mothers out there reading this(:

Today, i went to Target and bought my mommy 2 shirts, a wallet and a gift card plus after that we went out to eat. Had an amazing day(:

I'm wearing my odd red and purple printed jeans and a yellow striped tank top and i dont really know where either are from so sorry about that. For shoes i wore my brown boots. (:

For makeup i just wore my fav gel liner on my top and bottom lashline with a little tight-lining and mascara. No foundation or face makeup. And lip balm and my fav Revlon Lip Gloss in sunbaked.

I GOT MY BANGS CUT STRAIGHT ACROSS. I LOVE them to death. I think it looks so adorable and modern! What do you think? On the side my hair is in like 3 braids on each side and the bottom/back is curled with a straight iron. LOVE this style.

My nails were chipped and ugly. -_- But on my toes i'm wearing Wet N Wild I need a refresh-mint (Cute name amiright?)

I wore no perfume or spray either. -_-

So lazy. Sooo, thats it(:

Oh and i also bought 2 new pair of flip flops(: Pink and Black

Friday, May 10, 2013

Favorite Lip Care Products

I noticed i've tried a ton of lip products so i wanted to do a post on my lips(:

My all time favorite lip product EVER is the Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness. I just tried this product a little while ago and its almost gone. I need to repurchase it quick, while it's still on sale for $1 instead of $3

The first ever thing i bought from The Body Shop was this Lip Butter. Its grapefruit scented or flavored or something. It smells so amazing. It does moisturize well but it leaves a weird film type thing on my lips.

Gotta have Carmex! This is sort of a given.

And those are my mains. I also make my own lip scrub here and there. (: