Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beauty Agenda: Happy Mommy Day

Happy Mom Day to all the mothers out there reading this(:

Today, i went to Target and bought my mommy 2 shirts, a wallet and a gift card plus after that we went out to eat. Had an amazing day(:

I'm wearing my odd red and purple printed jeans and a yellow striped tank top and i dont really know where either are from so sorry about that. For shoes i wore my brown boots. (:

For makeup i just wore my fav gel liner on my top and bottom lashline with a little tight-lining and mascara. No foundation or face makeup. And lip balm and my fav Revlon Lip Gloss in sunbaked.

I GOT MY BANGS CUT STRAIGHT ACROSS. I LOVE them to death. I think it looks so adorable and modern! What do you think? On the side my hair is in like 3 braids on each side and the bottom/back is curled with a straight iron. LOVE this style.

My nails were chipped and ugly. -_- But on my toes i'm wearing Wet N Wild I need a refresh-mint (Cute name amiright?)

I wore no perfume or spray either. -_-

So lazy. Sooo, thats it(:

Oh and i also bought 2 new pair of flip flops(: Pink and Black

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