Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nail Update

I've already done a Nail Care Routine but i've tried something new in my routine. About a month ago i went to Sally's and bought this Nail Growth polish for about $5. At first, i didnt see any results at all and just when i was about to throw it out, i saw my nails growing longer slowly but surely.

Before, i used Biotin to help my nails grow but i actually prefer this. The polish has garlic in it to strengthen the nails which helped me a ton, since my nails go through a lot. So, if your looking for a special growth product, a base coat, or a strengthener i'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. (:

I included a picture of my nails the last time you saw them too so you can see the improvement. (:

Disclaimer: I also want to add that my pointer finger, ring finger, and middle finger nails broke so that is why they are longer in the before(:

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