Monday, March 25, 2013

Skincare Routine(:

Hey guys! Today I'm gonna show you my skincare routine, as of now(:

As soon as I wakeup I go to the bathroom and wash my face with just water to remove all the yucky eye crust and dried drool (:

Then, I apply Aveeno Calming Foaming Cleanser all over my face. And I wait about 30 seconds and rinse with water and pat dry my face with a towel.

Next I apply Equate Sunscreen all over my face and give that a minute or two to absorb into my skin.

After waiting a couple minutes I apply Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, and this is a new product in my routine so I just have the travel size but I really love it so I'll be buying the full size soon(:

So that's what I do in the morning as a part of my routine.

But at night I just use Makeup Removing Wipes before bed and wash my face with water after(:

Sometimes, when I have really dry patches, like between my eye brows or on the sides of my nose, I apply a little vaseline.

And that is it! Right now its working out really great for me and my skin is being nice, but it might change. I really don't have much acne so I'm happy with my skin now! (:

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