Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burnt Newspaper Nails

My new white polish inspired me to do newspaper nails(: Having seen many newspaper nail designs with something additional I wanted to try something new too.

This time I followed a tutorial and my nails turned out way better than before. The print is darker and more "readable". So I'll also include my tips for better newspaper nails!

Tip 1: Don't soak your nail in the alchohol, soak the newspaper square for 20 seconds

Tip 2: Try to cut newspaper into small sections just big enough for the nail

Tip 3: Don't just press the newspaper piece in the center, press onto the sides by rolling your finger along the nail

I created burnt newspaper nails by sponging black polish on the tips of my nails. The accent nail is just white to black gradient with a different method. (:

Hope these tips helped. Here are my regular news paper nails and my burnt newspaper nails(:

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