Friday, April 19, 2013

My favorite hairstyles

This is also lacking hair posts, I know. I'm sorry to all you "hair" post lovers, I'll try to squeeze in some more posts like this. But for now, just enjoy this post showing some of my latest favorite hair looks(:

1.) Sock Bun (I don't even know how to do it, my cousins girlfriend Tanisha did it for me)
2.) Curly down - I just wet my hair and add a little conditioner
3.) Straight - (though, I try not to use heat tools)
4.) Ombre beads (the color of my beads go from red to white)
5.) Side bun - My hair isn't really long enough to make a very big bun but I like the way this looks
6.) And my most current hairstyle, a girly mohawk! I really like my hair this week! It braided up the sides to that the remaining hair is in the middle like a mohawk but its straightened to the right with my bangs out(:

Comment some of your favorite hairstyles(:

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