Friday, April 5, 2013

Walgreens Haul

Hi guys! (: I just came back from Walgreens and I had some money left over from Seattle yesterday so I decided a shopping trip was needing. Here are the beauty related things I bought:

I really needed an eye liner and I originally was planning on the kinda new Maybelline precise one but I wanted to try something new, besides pencil liner. I saw the Loreal Gel Liner and fell in love w/ the gold, very professional packaging. A review and swatch and picture post will be up tomorrow or the next day(:

Also I bought nail polish. Originally I was going to repurchase the Sally Hansen Growth Miracle treatment but it was way to expensive. I first found it at the dollar tree for ONE DOLLAR and now they are charging almost $10. My nails are growing really well anyway so I passed. Instead I bought 4 new polishes from wet n wild.

1.) French White Creme which is a standard white
2.) Lavender Creme which doesn't at all look lavender to me
3.) Bijou Blue which is a sheer-ish glue with a greenish blue teal undertone
4.) Caribbean Frost which is almost all emerald but has some blue to it

Sorry, I suck at describing colors but the swatches below are pretty true to real life (:


  1. cute nail polish colors!:)
    btw that gel liner is pretty good!

    1. Thank you(: I am really loving this gel liner so far. I see you left a link, so i'd be happy to check out your blog(: