Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nail Update

I've done some scientifical tests (not really) on my nails and discovered that they grow much faster when overly moisturized so that's my plan. All of my nails have grown a little bit, especially my pinky nail. My goal is to get them all to get them all the same length by September 2013!

I started these Nail Updates in early January and I really want you guys to see my nail growth progress since then so I'm going to create a "timeline" type collage. And since my nails have made great progress I will share my tips for growing out your nails later on(:

But anywho here are my nails, currently(:


  1. It's crazy that you posted this because just recently I was considering how to grow my nails out. I used to have naturally long nails without any special regimen or anything until I really got into wearing nail polish. That's when my nail damage started. Just recently I had on acrylic nails and one happened to split across. They were already looking bad (I'd had them for a while) so I preceded to take them all off. I used some janky nail polish remover and it didn't remove all the acrylic so my nails were left looking a hot mess :( I've painted them now to cover up the damage but I need some tips on what to do!

    1. Ask and you shall recieve! I'm working on that post right now, and it will be up as soon as possible. Just wondering, do you know what caused the damage? Sounds like its the polish, which is odd because it usually helps out. (: XOXO