Friday, February 1, 2013

New Glitter Nails

I've been experimenting with placing glitter on my nails and i really like it. I did hearts and half moon manicures so far besides this new design.

I literally just put on a topcoat and took pics because i think it turned out pretty good(:

On the thumb i just have a diagnol line in purple glitter
On the pointer i have a heart in blue glitter
On the middle finger i have a cross in silver glitter ment to look like a little present, since my nail color is tiffany blue
On the ring finger i have a smiley in pink glitter
On the pinky i have a P in gold glitter

And the background color is Love&Beauty Mint(:

Basically what i did to get this look is take an old liquid eye liner applicator and painted the glitter polish on a sponge, then i picked up the individual glitters in the applicator and carefully placed them on the nail(:

Disclaimer: I did try to do this fast since i want my mani to have enough time to dry before bed(:

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