Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beauty Agenda 2/3/13

Another beauty agenda(: This is just what i wore to see Mama at AMC

Outfit - I'm wearing a solid black tee from Splash, black and red skinny jeans from Mossimo Supply Co and black moccasins from american eagle. (:

Makeup - I didnt do anything fancy, just 2 coats of mascara(:

Hair - Taniesha (she does my hair) will not let me use heat tools at all:( so i washed my hair and wore it half up half down and the bottom curly. Sorry, no pics(:

Nails - When i was at the movies my nails were bare but now they are dripping nail art(:

Etc. - Nothing extra(: No accessories except a peace tote bag

And my newest obsession: FORTUNE COOKIES ! I LOVE<3 fortune cookies so much that i just bought a whole box of them. No chinese takeout, just fortune cookies ! Did you know they are super sugary? I didn't, they dont taste sugary at all but my grandma told me(:


  1. Payton!

    Thank you so much for leaving your Blog address on Beautylish! I am so glad we found each other's blogs :-) I love beauty blogs because let's face it, I know nothing about makeup and products lol.
    Following you now new friend :-)

    XO Jenna

    1. Thank you Jenna(: I look forward to seeing your posts on my blogger newsfeed. I'm really glad i found your blog too and thank you for the follow and sweet comment!