Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elle: Va Va Voom Lashes

I was just sitting down drinking tea (not) and reading Elle when I found this interesting page called Power Pairs, I think. (: Anywho, it says mascara layered with translucent powder will give you "Va Va Voom Lashes" and i'd actually been thinking about my new Maybelline The Rocket and how its not very volumizing, as it is lengthening. So, I thought "Why not?" (:

Oh, and the second picture is the result(: I'm happy and I'm planning on using my old mascara tube, putting baby powder in it and using that after my first coat of mascara.

Disclaimer: Pictures are with flash; and the result is 2 coats mascara, one coat powder in between; I didn't have translucent powder (:


  1. What a fun idea. Your blog is so cute. Can't wait for more posts!

    1. Thanks so much Jacki! Your comments are always so kind(: