Wednesday, February 20, 2013

College Week

At my school its college week so we'll be doing college related things all week, like pep assemblies, listening to guest speakers, career day and more. Each hallway and grade has a college. My 8th grade hallway is Harvard so our color is crimson. I dont really have any crimson so i'm gonna buy a Harvard shirt, my schools selling. But anyway i'l be doing a beauty agenda sometime this week(:

So i didn't really have crimson nail polish but i have this sort of rose gold bronzey color that could pass for crimson and i just got a free Orly Nail Polish at Sally Beauty (spend $3 or more). (: So i used two coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl and one coat of Love&Beauty Glitter Polish. On the accent nail is ELF Golden Goddess(:

Last week, i also experimented with orly using two coats of Liquid Vinyl and sponged Love&Beauty Glitter polishes on the tips(:

And i just decided to take a picture of my lashes, not sure why but i just thought they looked really good that day so i guess i'll include that too(: I started doing my bottom eye lashes again and i LOVE<3 the way it looks. My next mascara on the top of my wishlist is Maybelline The Rocket

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