Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I hate to say it but I'm kind of out of post ideas. :( I just decided to do a review on the first mascara I've ever worn: Great Lash.

I wear it to school, when I do wear mascara, and so far I've gotten 2 compliments(: I think I would've got more if I didn't wear glasses because it's kind of hard to let my lashes extend to their full length (they are pretty long). So they actually lean on the lens of my glasses. But back to the review.

First, I'll talk about the formula and feel of this mascara on your lashes. The mascara isn't runny to me, but its not thick either. I'd definetely say its more runny than thick but it's not something that's too thin so I like that. After 3 months you might want to throw it away though because, your supposed to through mascara out after 3 months and because this mascara, like others, can dry out. When I apply this mascara it doesn't feel heavy at all and I like that. I wear 3 coats at the most, and it doesn't even feel like anything is on my lashes. The downfall is this mascara dries really hard on the lashes and makes them brittle and stiff. I really think Maybelline has really good mascaras for "plush" lashes and they could definetely improve that in this mascara but hey- its pretty inexpensive so they did a good job.

Now, on to length, volume, etc. After one coat this mascara looks okay. It really elongates (is that a word? If so how do you spell it? Haha) my lashes. They are still pretty thin after one coat so it doesn't really give much depth. After two coats, it starts to build up at the base of the lashes and give a little depth. At 3 coats I really like the volume I get with this mascara, its pretty basic.

Okay, now about flakes, clumps, and so on. I took pictures (below) of my lashes with 3 coats on so you can decide if this mascara is too clumpy or good for you because everyone has different opinions. Maybe you want the spider lash, or the falsies effect. I think this mascara is capable of both looks with no clumps. In my opinion in the picture below my mascara isn't clumpy but you may disagree and that's okay. I did get flakes today but I took a nap in the mascara so that may be why. The flakes weren't that big but if flakes annoy you, you might have some problems with this mascara.

The packaging of this mascara is pretty simple. A basic mascara tube (green top, pink base) and it has a label sticker on it. I've seen different packaging thought so don't just look for green and pink. The wand is also pretty basic looking. It doesn't have an unsual shape or anything, just normal as you can see in the pic below. A lot of people talk about the stoppers on the mascara bottle so I thought i'd talk about this one. I have to be honest, as much as I love this mascara the stopper sucks. The rim of the bottle is thin so a lot of mascara comes on the brush and I have to scrape it on the side to avoid too much mascara, especially for my bottom lashes.

So would I reccomend this mascara? I would. I reccomed Great Lash to people just starting out with makeup because its a nice, simple, basic mascara. If you've already tried high end mascaras and your looking for a cheaper alternative I do reccomend Maybelline mascaras but this one may not be what you want. This mascara is only like 6 dollars so i'd just try it out and see for yourself(:

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