Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haul: Wet Seal, Bath and Body Works, Body Shop, etc.

Hiiii guys! Today, I got $60 from my mommy, thanks mom, for the mall. (: So here is a little haul

Okay, so you know that dress I took a picture in last week. Well I went back to Wet Seal (not hollister) and found it! Yay! So I bought that and after tax it was a little less than $30.

Then, at B&BW I bought the 3/$10 deal with the Paris Amour travel set with the spray, lotion and body wash. (: I also bought a new hand sanitizer in vanilla berry sorbet (so yummy!)

At Body Shop (my first time there, YAY!) I bought two things. First I bought the Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Foundation in the shade 405 golden caramel (it was like $25) and this CUTE little grapefruit lip butter! I'm so LOVING it! Its so teeny tiny and cute and delicious and smells JUST LIKE grapefruit. <3 for $5. Hopefully I can get more when I come back to the Body Shop!

So that's my little haul(: And my first haul on this blog<3

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