Monday, January 28, 2013

Must-Try Nail Art

Here are different nail designs to try(: Organized by what things you might have ( example: if you have only 1-3 colors or a striper )

1-3 Nail Polishes

1. Cupcake Nail Art - Just paint the bottom third of the nail desired color for the cupcake base, use another color for a blob of frosting on the second third of the nail and add a cherry on top! Add your own touches like sprinkles or stripes(:

2. Solid Mani - Just paint all your nails one color(:

3. Accent Nail - Paint every nail one color except the ring finger (or desired color) and paint that finger a different color(:

4-10 Nail Polishes

1. Animal Nail Art - You can make lots of cute simple animals on your nails using a variety of colors and all you need is polish and a toothpick or dotting tool(:

Striping or Dotting Tools-

1. Stripes - With just a striper you can create many simple but sophisticated nail designs like plaid(:

2. Polka Dots - There are a lot of designs possible with a dotting tool like bubbles, circles, hearts, etc. Get creative(:

3. Animal Prints - I've seen zebra nails, cheetah nails, tiger nails and even giraffe print nails. Try youtube and pinterest for simple tutorials(:

Sponge or Disposable Makeup Applicator

1. If you haven't tried gradient yet you should definetely give it a go! Its pretty simple And nailasaurus has a tutorial for it on her blog(:

Glitter or Glitter Polish

1. DIY glitter polish - this isn't really a nail art idea but its a fun diy to try. Just pour glitter into a clear polish(: Try youtube for tutorials

2. Glitter over black polish - If you have glitter nail polish it really pops over solid black polish(:


1. Sharpie Nail Art - i found this on Pinterest! Its so cool, just draw on your polished nails with sharpie and if you mess up it rubs off with alchohol, until you apply a topcoat. (:

Photo Credits to: Myself, Nailasaurus, SpektorsNails, Google Images, Pinterest


  1. Oooh love the leopard print! Must give this a try! I'm now following you and I would love a follow back :) thank you x

  2. Hey Carrie(: Thanks, i love leopard too! I'd be happy to follow you back. Thanks for your sweet comment(: !