Sunday, January 20, 2013

EOS First Impression

So today i went to Target with my grandma and i have a few dollars left over from the movies yesterday so I bought 2 EOS Lip Balms in Strawberry Sorbet and Rasberry Pomegranete.

Packaging was okay, pretty basic lip balm packaging. However the overall appearance of the lip balm itself is brilliant. No matter the quality of the balm, people would still buy it because of its sphere shape. I also love the bright colors of the sphere. So as far as appearance, i'd buy it again or get new flavors.

Strawberry Sorbet- When i first smelled the balm, i could smell the strawberry good so that wasnt really a problem here. When i put it on my lips for the first time it did taste like strawberries so thats good. I'm not sure if i'd be able to guess strawberry if it were on my lips without my knowing of though. As far as flavor and scent, i'd prefer the flavor/scent of Lip Smackers or something of the sort.

Rasberry Pom.- When i tried the balm for the first time, i couldn't pick up rasberry or pom. at all. It just smelled waxy. When i smell it right now i get a slight fruity scent but not much, so if you dont like too much scent, it'd be good for you. However i prefer slightly more obvious scents. On my lips i didnt taste it either. So for flavor/scent i wasn't pleasantly surprised.

The texture of the balm was pretty waxy on the first use. I used it several more times and i think i'm getting used to it, since its different than any other lip balm i've tried. It does feel pretty soft though and very smooth. So for texture i think its just okay.

On the first use i didnt feel the balm softening my lips or any type of "medicated balm" feel. It was sort of just there. Like i said, a bit waxy, it felt like it just sat on my lips. A few minutes later it seeped in and my lips were a little softer than before but still kind of dry. When i re-applyed I got the same results but with a little bit softer lips than the last time. After applying 3 times my lips are soft! I used a little carmex and then strawberry sorbet and it worked even better which is great! So for softening i think its great over time and better with a medicated balm!

At Target each lip balm cost $3. First, i'll just say i was a little shocked at the price. I thought they were way more expensive, since i've never seen them in stores, like $5 each. I dont think $3 is too much to pay as long as the quality is good and so far, so good. So as far as price, i'd buy more!

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