Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple Eye Shadow Look

I was on pinterest again, of course, and i found a pictorial i liked so i decided to re-create it. I used shimmery shadows but the pictorial used matte so our looks are different(:

So here is the original and my re-creation(:

Sorry my pictures have odd lighting and angles but i wanted to do this quick, before bed. (:

So what i did first was apply a shimmery gold all over my lid with a basic shadow brush. Then i used the other side of the brush to apply a slightly darker shade in my outer v and blend. Next i applied black pencil liner, and i did this sloppy since it will just be blended. And to blend it i used an Avon eyeliner pencil smudger-thingy (the name rubbed off). Lastly i applied a couple coats of mascara(: I was thinking about adding liquid liner and wearing this makeup to my concert tomorrow.

PS. Look out for a Concert Beauty Agenda tomorrow(;

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