Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whats in my school/makeup bag-pouch thingy(:

Hey everyone! Here's what i keep in my school pouch/makeup bag(:

My pouch is by Contents(:

First, i keep my phone in there, but i'm using it now so...yeah(:
Then i keep my Jake the Dog earphones(:
Next, i have a sparkly mirror compact from forever21 ($2.50)
And a rubberband, a hairtie and a bobby pin(:
Then i have this Yes to Carrot unscented Body Cream
Next i keep a tiny secret tin with some pain killers inside(:
Occasionally i throw in a liner and mascara
Then i have a sparkly binder clip and eraser
And 4 hi-liters from
3 Mechanical Pencils
3 Pens
Gum and 1 regular pencil

And a quick overview(: ...

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