Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty Agenda 1/11/13

Whats on the beauty agenda today? (:

Today i'm very lazy, it being friday, and so i'm just wearing a striped top from Ambercrombie & Fitch and leggings from old navy rolled up a little with white crochet Toms(: No accessories since its my lazy day(:

For makeup, i actually didnt wear any to school since i woke up late but since i just did a tutorial i'm wearing mascara and liner(:

This is shocking but... My nails are bare ! I took the polish off yesterday but i'm planning on painting them(:

For hair, again its my lazy day, i just had it up in a pony tail since i had PE ( i like to call it workout, since it sounds less blah ) but i took it down so now its down, very messy(:

For extras i'm wearing Bodycology Cherry Blossom Spray ( smells amazing ) and Bodycology matching lotion(:

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