Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Purple and Yellow Nail Art

I've been going through my posts and it seems like most everything I do is about nails. I promised more hair, makeup, and skin related posts. In order to make room for them I'm cutting back on nail posts. I'll still be doing nail art, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing my nails. I'll just combine them into 1 post.

Lastnight, I did two different designs. (Yes, I did my nails twice in one day). First I painted my nails 3 thin coats of this bright yellow polish (noname). Next, I used a purple striper to create checker, and random lines. I didn't add a topcoat to either design.

For the second design I painted my nails 2 coats of Wet N Wild White Creme. Then I used a bobby pin (cheap version of dotting tool) to creat yellow dots in a curved shape. I repeated this with a blue polish and a neon green polish.

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