Thursday, June 6, 2013

First impressions: Babylips +

I just tried Maybelline Babylips for the first time, even though it came out months ago. I've seen overall mixed reviews and decided its something I need to try for myself.

I bought mine in the shade Pink Punch.

Packaging first. Nothing special about it, but also no complaints. Its just a simple round tube, like other lip balms. I love the bright colors and font!

As soon as I opened it I applied it to my bottom lip only to see how tinted it was. From a scale of no tint to Lady Gaga, i'd say a 2 or 3. I also swatched it on my hand and its about the same. The other color selection looked really nice too!

On the back of the packaging some of the claims made are "82% VISIBLY LESS DRY, 94% LESS ROUGH LIPS, 77% MORE SUPPLE, 77% BETTER LOOKING LIPS". I've only applied this product 2 or 3 times so I can't do a complete review. But, from 2 or 3 applications my lips do look less dry, feel less rough, more supple, and look better so I believe those claims were very reasonable and true.

So far so good with Babylips.

Next, Vaseline Lip Therapy Original.

The packaging is so cute! Its like a mini tub of vaseline.

I applied very little to my lips and waited a few seconds for it to sink in. It actually absorbed into my lips very quickly. The product is very soft, so be careful not to push your finger in too hard or you'll have a big dent. This is definetely something I'll be adding to my everyday beauty bag!

Vaseline's claims are "instantly softens and soothes dry lips" TRUE x100, "locks in moisture so lips feel better over time" TRUE x100. Both claims are very reasonable, and I feel like they could've said something about the appearance of lips because my lips looked so much healthier! (:

Disclaimer: Sorry no lip swatches, bad lighting:(

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