Saturday, July 13, 2013

Black and Silver Nails

Here is some super simple nail art using two nail polishes and striping tape or regular tape and scissors!

And bonus nail art! (:


  1. Hi!Nice post you got there!!
    I was wondering maybe we could follow each other?
    My blog^
    I'll follow you too!!tahnks :)

  2. LOVE the nails, they're so cute!
    I hardly have the time to do nail art on my nails now =( have to stick to pretty boring nails =(
    Can't wait to see more posts from you! Can't wait to see what other nails you do ;)

    Have a happy weekend babe
    J Y U K I M I

    1. Thanks so much jYukimi! Maybe my next post should be quick but cute nail art so you wont have to stick to boring nails? (: