Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty Agenda: Happy Fourth !

Hi guys! Today was an amazing day! To celebrate the fourth I went to my brothers' house and we ate bbq and made smores and did fireworks (which are illegal where I live)so hush (;

Surprise surprise! I wore everything I bought yesterday(:

My dress is from Forever21. My shoes are Route 66 sandals. My makeup was pretty simple. Gel liner on the bottom lashline and a little gold eyeshadow plus a few coats of Great Lash and NYC Show time! My hair was in a simple bun. My accessories were all from Forever21 as well except the bow belt which is from Ross(:

What do you think about my outfit?


  1. Happy Independence day! I love the design you did on your ring finger nail! I also did my nails for 4th of July

    1. Thanks Aaliyah! Hope you enjoyed your holiday(: